Safe for cats

Our beloved cat isn’t allowed out. Apart from the fact he has allergies and that the vet didn’t want to give him more shots than necessary, it’s just too dangerous around here where our home is surrounded by high-traffic main streets.

A friend/colleague of mine said he’s planning on building a cat pen, something similar to the pictures you see on this site. It looks like something cats would truly be able to enjoy even if we need to keep them safe.

My only problem with it is that it doesn’t really look all that good. Same reason why I don’t like cat trees. They stand apart in a space, looking like an afterthought.

In the spirit of good design, such as that of the ultimate cat house, I was thinking that if you had a big enough yard, it would be quite cool to create more tunnel-like structures that go right around the yard, underneath bushes and so forth, so that cats can hide as they usually like to do, and it would give them the opportunity of really exploring different places in the yard. For height, you can create archways and allow the cat to walk over the top, much like how cats like walking on beams with a view. And instead of leaving wires in plain sight, what about growing some creeper plants around it to give it some shade, and for kitty to hide and peep out?

Functional design, even for our cute, furry, clawed friends should look good for humans too.

Emile says 'play?'

Update:There are some examples similar to what I’m talking about, but again, I think there’s scope to meld these runs more into the landscape and make it part of your garden furniture.

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